Differentiation through Execution

Company Owned Mine to Wellhead Logistics Supply Chain

15 Years of Providing Customers Unsurpassed Service

Providing Surety of Supply at Lowest Delivered Cost

10.5 Million Tons Produced Annually And Rapidly Expanding


Utilizing our high-quality fine grade frac sand allows customers to enjoy a lower-cost quality proppant closer to the well.

Transload & Logistics

Ensuring product is in basin and ahead of schedule, while providing visibility throughout the entire supply chain.


Using a technologically-advanced fleet of ~130 trucking assets to provide a final-mile solution that is consistent and cost-effective.

10.5 Million Tons Produced Annually and Rapidly Expanding

Not Just Another Sand Company

Vista strives to consistently produce and deliver high-quality frac sand for customers by leveraging its vertically integrated mine-to-wellhead platform to help achieve the lowest cost.

Highly Experienced Staff

We employ a highly experienced staff who share common values and ethics. We cherish our clients and are deeply gratified by the confidence they have placed in our capabilities. Check out our open opportunities to join the Vista Team today!

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